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Jonathan Neil & Associates, Inc. (JNA) offers multi-line national recovery services. Our highly trained Subrogation Specialists are well versed to handle all of your specific lines of business. JNA combines the skills, years of claims experience, and continuing education to enhance and maintain our efficient and professional standard. In addition, our Subrogation Specialists apply the most current regulatory information supplied by the Fair Claims Settlement Practices (FCSP), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Claims Reporting Act (FCRA), with other State and Municipal Laws and Statues.


Our Pre-Litigation Subrogation Department is primarily responsible for locating Valid Liability Coverage, Business Entity, Municipality, or Manufacturer for any specific loss. Once Coverage has been confirmed and a Formal Claim Established, the file is then routed to an Experienced Subrogation Specialist determined by the Line of Business; Automobile, Property, Product Defect, to include Paid Medical and Uninsured Motorist Benefits. Appropriate steps are secured to maximize Recoveries, while maintaining a low Expense to Recovery Ratio.

  • Automobile (U.M., Carrier to Carrier, Self-Insured Entities and Municipalities)

  • Property (Water, Tenant, Vandalism, Vehicle vs Property, Livestock, Agriculture, Fire)

  • Med-Pay/P.I.P. (No Fault, Medical Payments, and Personal Injury Protection)
  • Product Liability (Household Appliances, Plumbing, Electrical Power Equipment, Industrial, Design Defect)

  • Workers Compensation (Third Party Remedies and Self-Insured Entities)
  • Securities Fraud (Criminal Restitution and/or Civil Litigation)

  • Earned Premiums, Audits & Deductibles (FDCPA, FCRA, and FCSP Compliant)


JNA is a distinguished leader in most Property & Casualty Arbitration Venues, such as Arbitration Forums, Inc (AFI), American Arbitration Association (AAA), Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Assocation (KIAA), and the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). We arbitrate all Lines of Business (LOB’s), with a emphisis on the Automobile, Medical Payment & Personal Injury Protection (Med-Pay / PIP), Uninsured Motorist Benefits, Real Property & Homeowners, Product Defects, and Primary vs. Excess Coverage issues. JNA maintains an extordinatarily high Win / Loss Ratio on Applicant, Cross-Applicant, and Respondent Only Dockets, far and above Industry Averages. A major area of recent concern are Property Damage Only Disputes, with millions of dollars being lost due to non-filing against the Short-Payors. JNA engages many Special Projects in an effort to reclaim Lost Client Recoveries.

  • Arbitration Forums, Inc. filings in all applicable forums

  • Applications, cross-applicant and respondent only

  • Available forums: Arbitration Forums, Inc, AAA, NAMIC and KIAA filings
  • Automobile

  • P.I.P.

  • Property

  • Med-Pay


As a Value Added Service to our Clients, Jonathan Neil & Associates, has established our International LFN – Litigation Forwarding Network. The LFN permits our Clients to explore Legal Remedies in any Jurisdiction or Country. All LFN Law Firms and Attorneys must maintain good standing within their specific Jurisdiction; Licensed, Insured, and Accredited. Further to qualify, each LFN Candidate must provide a minimum of five years of verifiable Subrogation Experience.

  • National Litigation Network encompassing Domestic and International Filings.
  • In-house counsel

  • Legal Department

  • Reviews & Investigations

  • Pre & Post Judgment Collections

  • Paralegals

  • Skip tracing

  • Agency audits


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Department of Motor Vehicles Direct Online Access:

Coupled with LexisNexis, we have gained access to 42 additional states.

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Rates and Terms

Jonathan Neil & Associates, Inc. (JNA) recovers on a contingency basis. Unconditionally, if there is no recovery there is no fee charged. Discounts are available for volume business. Please ask for a Comprehensive Proposal tailored to your specific needs.

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